Are you an investor? Lawyer? Entrepreneur?


We strive to provide our clients with the best and sophisticated solutions to develop financial projects, to increase the liquidity of companies and entrepreneurs. Through our network of partners we are able to fulfill every request related to the financial world.


We strive to offer our clients the best and sophisticated solutions to manage business and industrial projects in every country and economic sector. We have a network of global partners that allow us to take on roles such as temporary managers or similar to work as a team with the entrepreneur.


In business, relationships are everything. And we’re not talking about temporary relationships or marketing or advertising. We’re talking about business and friendship relationships developed over 10 years of work by our team in the most diverse areas of the consulting world.

Business Development

Do you have an idea? Do you have a business plan? Don’t know where to start? We can be your partner and we can develop together with you your dream. Every good product or service needs a clear and precise business plan with a long-term vision.

Your Swiss Partner

Switzerland retains great appeal in the world. Everyone knows the advantages of having a partner in Switzerland. Thanks to our partners we can guarantee all the services that have made Switzerland famous throughout the world. Talk to us about your needs and we will build you a development plan.


A - Team

Alessio Minonne

Alessio Minonne

Ceo and Co-founder of the SG20 project, expert in relations, blockchain management, crypto finance.

Alan D'Orlando

Alan D'Orlando

Co-founder of the SG20 project, relationship expert, great finance expert, he holds the primary role of financial engineer and glue between the crypto world and common investments.

Alessio Paoletti

Alessio Paoletti

Co-founder of the SG20 project, expert in relations and marketing management, he actively contributes to the dissemination of the project by managing communication with his personal team.

Vincente D'Orlando

Vincente D'Orlando

Expert in international transactions, operating in import-export from developing countries to Europe and the Americas.
(sectors: spices and raw materials, precious stones, real estate).

Giorgia Giovannelli

Giorgia Giovannelli

Language expert: Spanish, English, French, Russian, Italian
Official translator and foreign public relations.

Carmen Petrelli

Carmen Petrelli

Front Office Manager

Mission & Vision


The Mission is based on the facilitation of new projects, new business ideas through relationships with investor partners that we personally take care of.

Swiss Group Network promotes business projects particularly aimed at innovation being a point of connection between investors and entrepreneurs. Projects are not made only with money but with the passion and professionalism of people.


4 people… one vision! What distinguishes Swiss Group Network from others is a strong propensity to improve the lives of people of all ethnicities starting from the concept of sustainability; a key concept in the choice of projects. Innovation must absolutely serve to improve the quality of social and economic life and have a very low environmental impact.

Business Strategy

Analysis and Strategy

  • analyze the project starting from the business plan, passing through one or more brainstorms with the creators and ending with a market analysis by making an objective simulation.
    devise an ad hoc market strategy both for investors and for the final consumer by prioritizing the most relevant media for that specific project.
    Each project, like the human being, although similar, has differences that must be treated specifically.

Business Facilitators

  • Swiss Group Network has partnerships and relationships with investors, fintech groups, and top professionals. They have the power to facilitate and/or bypass most of the hurdles one may encounter in the journey of a new business idea aimed at innovation.


Strategic consulting and decision support

Refinement of the business idea and operational choices

  • Proposal of ideas, solutions, synergies and contacts
  • Territorial analysis, trends and activities of competitors
  • Competitors’ lists, solvency, new openings and commercial data
  • Professional strategic and technical training



This site is addressed in beta phase to an informed public and to a restricted list of industry operators and technical and financial partners. 

This site does not invite neither direct advice for investments that are in crypto currency or in fiat currency.

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