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We want to repeat an important thing: Swiss group Network is not an usual marketing/consulting agency. Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to develop sophisticated strategies to increase business by expanding to new markets and providing innovative solutions. 

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Each "business box" responds to a precise strategy and means specially designed to achieve a specific goal.

We have revolutionized the very concept of sponsorship. Thanks to a skilful mix of financial instruments and economy of scale in the world of sponsorships, today, the customer gets sponsorship for free. But it wasn’t enough. Our customer also gets prizes born from the profitability of our mix: ReSponsor

We were born as owners of a digital currency. We made our bones. We have started partnerships. We have listed our currency. We are positioning ourselves. Why not use this great know for other interesting projects? Step forward. Propose your project and your needs.

Art is known, for thousands of years it represents beauty, culture and power. An economic and social power. Today with art&go this power becomes a financial power. You hold prestigious collections? Important works by historicized artists? You are in the right place to see your financial power grow, day after day.

We made a bet and are winning it. It is possible to generate returns for investors by developing wealth for communities, creating jobs and giving continuous professional training? Yes you can. Invest by building a new economic model that stems from Swiss pioneering.

For centuries, those who have a bank have immense power. It has the power to create wealth. By investing in other companies, financing other people’s dreams and needs. We have rewritten the original bank model creating an innovative vision. You want to be part of a visionary and enlightened elite?

You know what an investment fund is? It is a structure that serves to raise capital to invest with strategic management in the medium and long term. There are many models and strategies. We can build your fund, help you create an investment or collection strategy to finance your development projects.
You have no development plans? Invest in our fund and follow our strategy.

We also revolutionized the Motosport model. From an antiquated model we have come to a new vision that allows you to have advantages of image, adrenaline, elite events, super-end cars and lots of beauty. Enter the club of those who want to live in a unique way. Maybe you also want to get returns from your passions? Today it can be done. Ask us how.

Sg20 is the puppy of the group. For us it is not a currency or a service. It is a living being that serves to offer advantages to those who, as an investor, have not been able to allow access to institutional investments, with a guarantee (parachute) linked to mining. We created the utility that wasn’t there. A token that becomes a good refuge as it is limited and in increasing value.

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